About us

Welcome to Good Days. Our practice is driven by delivering effective, evidence-based therapy that is tailored to each individual's unique goals for personal growth, and providing supportive training opportunities for graduate students at the master's and doctoral levels.

Our values

Good Days is grounded in the following key values.

Welcome mat representing the value of Prioritizing Access & Inclusivity

Prioritizing Access & Inclusivity

Our commitment to accessibility ensures that everyone has the opportunity to find the quality care they deserve. We work to accommodate a portion of services financially and offer our support in inclusive ways, making it easier for individuals to seek help when they need it.

Street sign of Markham and College representing the value of Fostering Community Engagement

Fostering Community Engagement

We seek to create a welcoming environment within our practice and collaborate with other agencies, clinics, and training institutes in the community. By fostering strong community partnerships, we contribute to the collective well-being of the people we serve.

Three different chairs representing Equity, Diversity & Anti-Oppression

Equity, Diversity & Anti-Oppression

We provide a safe and affirming space where every individual is valued and understood. We celebrate diversity and strive to create an inclusive atmosphere where all are free to be their authentic selves.

Meet the team

Together, we won't just navigate challenges. We will pave the way for personal growth & transformation.

Our commitment to accessibility at Good Days

Good Days is committed to creating digital and physical accessibility for all clients, therapists, and
members of the community.

I have a question about accessibility


Our office is located in Suite 201 (second floor) of 489 College St. Upon entering the building, there are four stairs and a ramp to reach the elevator.


Face masks are not required to be worn in the building or office, but can be worn if preferred. 


The door to the front of the building is automatic, but the internal doors (including the bathroom door) are not.


There is no overhead fluorescent lighting in the office - each therapy room contains hanging and table lamps with non-fluorescent light bulbs.


The elevator door is 30” inches wide, and its inner dimensions are 4’3” x 4’6”. While this fits a standard wheelchair, please send us an email to confirm if the elevator can accommodate your mobility device.


Since the office space is shared, we cannot guarantee a scent-free space, however, Good Days therapists won’t wear or use scents during sessions.

People Symbol

Good Days offers both in-person and virtual services, with flexibility to alternate as needed.

Inclusive Washroom Symbol

There is one gender neutral and accessible washroom in the building. A key is provided to enter.

Individual with headphones, wearing progressive Pride pin
Woman in hijab
Individual wearing burgundy shirt

An acknowledgement of the land Good Days is located on

Good Days is located on traditional territories of many First Peoples, including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnaabe, the Haudenosaunee, and the Huron-Wendat peoples. This territory is part of ‘the Dish with One Spoon’ wampum, a Treaty made between the Anishinaabe, Mississaugas, and Haudenosaunee, and symbolically extended to settlers of the land. The “dish” represents the land we live on and benefit from and the “spoon” represents the people using the land in the spirit of mutual care.

To this day, these nations continue to experience ongoing colonization and displacement. As settlers, newcomers, refugees, and Indigenous Peoples, we have all been invited into this treaty in the spirit of peace and respect. Good Days recognizes our responsibilities as Treaty people to engage in a meaningful, ongoing process of truth and reconciliation with all our relations. We are actively anti-racist and continuously work towards decolonizing our practices.

For more information on this land, and the importance of land acknowledgements please visit whose.land.

Individual with headphones, wearing progressive Pride pin
Woman in hijab
Individual wearing burgundy shirt